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Stella Canoe Club @ PYC

We are now paddling from PYC. As you cross the railway tracks, take the first left at the circle past the PYC clubhouse building, skip the very first parking entrance, use the very next entrance straight after the bridge.

Dice starts from the slip way by the lawns adjacent to the parking.

Walk across the small bridge over Lavender Creek to get to the main club house.

Stella Canoe Club - old site

Slipway Lane


Durban Harbour

From Bayhead road, after you have crossed the silt canal, take the first turn left in to Langeberg road (don't worry that it looks like a large gate to the harbour, it isn't). Take the first left again onto Seafarer Road. Drive past Bluff Yacht Club and the Ski Boat club, the next small road to the left is Slipway Lane.

Sneaky snake route directions (via Eel road, for when Bayhead road is jammed)

1. Instead of turning down Bayhead Road, carry on down South Coast Road (away from the Harbour), and take the next LEFT into Crane Road, and then immediately RIGHT into Eel Road.

2. Carry on down Eel road for a few km's, and take the RIGHT FORK into Wagtail Road.

3. Go under the bridge and turn LEFT as soon as you pass underneath the bridge.

4. Carry on turning left and you will go up over the bridge next to the railway line having done a full 270 degree turn.

5. Carry on along the dirt a short way, and take the left fork. You are now heading back towards Bayhead road on a dirt road.

6. Pass under a another bridge, and follow the road up a steep slope to the right.

7. You'll come out on a road parallel to Bayhead road.

8. Take this road to the robots where you normally turn left into the Harbour from Bayhead

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