Stella Boat Auction - Sat 26 November 2011

Post date: Nov 22, 2011 10:20:19 AM

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder about the boat auction at 10am on Saturday 26 November.

Please see the list below indicating those members who had paid and the number of racks paid, for this season.

If you have paid for a rack and your name is not on the list, please contact myself ( 083 231 0919) or Martin Dovey ( 083 601 7916 )

We are also aware that there are a few members who wanted racks and we said we’ll allocate these once the auction is done.

We are now in a position to allocate a few more racks, so if your name is not on the below list and you still want a rack, please let me know by return email.

Please also indicate whether you want a rack for a K1, K2, Single Ski (S1) or Double Ski (S2)

Please note that there are also still a few boats in the racks that we suspect belong to Stella members, but these members have not paid for their racks or registered for the new season.

We have a list of these boats / boat number and will try and contact these members, but please note that all unclaimed boats WILL be auctioned on Saturday.

At the moment there are about 40 boats that will be auctioned.

Some are in pretty bad shape, but still good enough and for a few R100 plus a patch or 2, can still be used as a trip / crash boat.

There are also a few boats that are in really good condition and good enough for races like Dusi.

If you want to bring paddling equipment or boats from home to be auctioned, please have them at the club by 09h30 on Saturday so that they can be added to the auction list and allocated a lot number.

Please note - Come rain or shine, the auction will take place on Sat. Therefore, if it rains, bring a brollie !

Usual auction procedures will apply and bidder cards will be available at a non-refundable price of R10.00

After the auction, All unclaim or unsold boats will be disposed off, at the discretion of the club committee.

Coffee, Tea and rusks will also be available, free of charge.

If you have any queries regarding the auction or if you have paid for a rack or not, please feel free to contact me or see me at the club tomorrow evening.

Kind regards,

Neels Meyer


Lauren Glossop - 1 rack

Gigi Oftebro - 2 racks

Linda Lodge - 2 racks

Reg Stuart - 2 racks

Wim Jansen - 1 rack

Jacqui Button - 1 rack

Neels Meyer - 2 racks

Heini Jordaan - 1 rack

Kieran Taverner-Smith - 1 rack (unsure)

Gustav Kriese - 3 racks

Werner Holthauzen - 2 racks

Mark Allen - 1 rack

Marco Rafinetti - 1 rack

Damon Clark - 3 racks

John Dives - 1 rack

Mike Clark - 3 racks

Tammi Harding - 1 rack

Adrian Payne - 2 racks

Tom Momberg - 1 rack

Graham Muller - 2 racks