King of the Bay 2020 - race course


Start is at StellaCC & Finish DUC :

First Batch Doubles 09h00, All Singles 09h20, All Short Course & SUP’s 09h30

Stella —DUC


1 Paddlers start, go past Pelican Island, then move to the RIGHT of the Red Beacon Buoys into channel. STAY ON THE RIGHT OF ALL THE RED BUOYS. BE AWARE OF THE SANDBANK TO YOUR RIGHT.

2 Paddlers to stay as close to Beacon buoys as possible, up to the 2 yellow buoys opposite Wilson’s Wharf.

3 All Paddlers must pass on the INSIDE of the yellow beacon buoys. Paddlers may NOT run across the sandbank opposite the container terminal and are to remain paddling for the entire race. Any paddler running across any sandbank in the harbour, will be disqualified.

4 A Safety boat will be stationed close to the Tug Jetty. This boat will act as a Stop/Go

in the event of there being harbour traffic ( commercial vessels) entering or leaving the harbour.

The NSRI will also be in attendance and in contact with Port Control.

5 Paddlers will stay close to the left / portside of the harbour entrance going out.

All paddlers will be made aware that the port and port traffic will be in operation and that caution should be maintained.

6 Upon exiting the harbour all paddlers will turn left at the Northern Breakwater Pier.

7 Short Course paddlers to head straight to the finish line at DUC, next to Vetches Reef

8 Long course to head straight out to the turning buoy placed in transit line between Umgeni River mouth and Pilotage Fairway buoy.

An indication for the long course paddlers as to where the turning buoy will be, is to aim for the 3 tall residential buildings just North of the Umgeni River mouth.

9 Turn left around the buoy (sea to shore) and head back towards DUC, going around the buoy off the point at Vetches Reef to the finish in front of DUC.

10 The route will be monitored by marshalls – Paddlers found out of route or taking a short cut, will be disqualified.