Ozzie Gladwin / Racks

Post date: Nov 12, 2011 12:26:49 PM

Hi Everyone,

I trust you are all enjoying the cool weather and I hope it will last for Sunday’s Ozzie Gladwin.

If you are doing the Ozzie Gladwin, or if maybe you were tasked with the All-Important job of Seconding, please look out for the green Stella flag and Gazebo at the finish of the race on Sunday !

In keeping with Stella’s sporting tradition and motto, the theme on Sunday is “Hot Dogs and Cold Beers under the Stella Gazebo”

Bring your deckchair along for your seconds and let them find shade under the gazebo with the other seconds, while you make your merry way down the river.

There will be no charge for the hot dogs, but there will be a donation box for you to contribute to if you want.

Otherwise, feel free to bring your own drinks and/or picnic basket and join the rest of the Stella team.

To all the novice paddlers and new Stella members doing the Ozzie Galdwin…Good Luck and remember to take enough juice for the race.

I’m also happy to report that we are nearing the finalization of the new canoe racks at Stella, which will lead to the much anticipated boat auction.

Herewith then a brief outline of how the new rack system at Stella Canoe Club will work.

As we all know the 3 containers underneath the ‘old’ clubhouse are now nothing more than a health and safety hazard and those will be scrapped in the very near future.

The 3 containers we will use for the ‘new’ racks will be the 12m container in the top parking area, the 12m container behind the Scouts’ brick garages and the 6m container in front of the new clubhouse.

We will re-allocate racks to those members who already paid for racks for the 2011-2012 season and to those who requested racks from myself or Martin.

We will then move the boats into the new racks and via email, will notify you of your new rack number and where you boat can be located.

The unpaid-for and illegal boats will then be moved into the rusted containers for safekeeping until the auction.

As there were requests for the boat auction to be before 50 Miler, the absolute final date for the boat auction will be on Sat 26 November. Right after Pay Day. Perfect !

So if you still have unpaid-for boats in the racks, please remove them before Sat 19 Nov, otherwise they will be locked away and auctioned.

Please regard this as the final reminder.

As soon as we get rid of the old rusted containers we will move the ‘new’ containers into more accessible areas and closer to the clubhouse.

I trust you will all find the above new system in order and look forward to seeing you at the club.

Have a Great weekend.


Neels Meyer