Post date: Oct 24, 2013 5:53:32 AM

Hi Everyone,

There is a change of plan for the boat auction that was planned for this Sat, 26 Oct.

3 months ago, we had 30 boats in the racks not paid for or simply abandoned in the racks.

We then gave everyone notice of the auction, saying they have to collect their boats or pay for the rack.

It so happened that most of the ‘auctionable’ boats have now been collected and now we are left with 14 boats that are worth auctioning and at least 6 that are still in very good condition.

The rest of the boats are really only good for flat water paddling and most of these need a lot of TLC and spares, to start with.

Should we not get any interest in these boats as per the suggestion below, they will be donated to developing clubs, or taken to the dump.

We have therefore decided to have an on-line auction for a period of 2 weeks.

Please refer to the attached spreadsheet indicating the 14 boats that are available and that we thought would still be worth some money.

We have also put an estimated price and rating next to each boat, to give an indication of value and condition.

Should you be interested in one of the boats, then you may purchase it outright at the price indicated, or you can indicate your bid-price to this email address ( ), which I will indicate on the list accordingly and update at 3pm, daily.

The updated list will then be published on Stella’s website and can be viewed at

The on-line auction will end on Friday 8th November.

Should you want to view any of the boats on the attached list, you can do so before or after the dice, at Stella Canoe Club on Tuesday 29 Oct and Tues 05 November.

Any boats of value left over after this date, will either be donated to development clubs, or we will lock them up and take them to the next Kingfisher Canoe Club or Umzinyathi Canoe Club auction.

Thank you and regards